Aphrodite Bath Soak
Sam Wish

Aphrodite Bath Soak

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Named after the Goddess of Love herself, this bath soak is all about unconditional love, soul connections, deeper understandings, creation, growth, sensuality,intimacy, beauty, and pleasure. Aphrodite is a force of nature, the essence of femininity, unabashed female sexual energy, bringing us love and passion and excitement for life!

"When growth is generated, or a vision is supported, or a spark of creativity is encouraged, Aphrodite is influencing it, affecting the people involved." "She is the force of creation. Aphrodite is the charge between positive and negative ions that cannot resist one another."

Immerse yourself in this luscious bath soak filled with love's flowers, nourishing salts, and essential oils that ground you, help you find the truth of your being, and connect you to your own inner goddess of love.

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